523 Medford St | Charlestown, MA

Patricia McCarthy

I paint because painting is a wonderful source of joy and fulfillment for me. It allows me to truly see and better understand my subjects me and ultimately connects me to them. Having always loved a challenge, I prefer to paint outdoors where the elusive light and sometimes the subjects constantly move and change. Painting also ties me to my roots – Ireland where my mother was born, and to my family that included my grandmother who first taught me to paint. I find the works of Peder Mørk Mønsted, Anders Zorn and Joaquín Sorolla and Rosa Bonheur inspiring. Oil paint is my medium of choice and landscapes are favorite subjects occasionally with buildings, people, animals or even lively seagulls incorporated. Having a strong education in the sciences has resulted in my work being a more realistic, representational in style while painting out of doors has provided license to be paint more freely and to appreciate movement and change and how these contribute to a more dynamic and interesting painting. I try to inspire those who see my work to discover the beauty and complexity I find in the world.

Style: Landscape
Medium: Oil
Email: pat@pmccarthyart.com.com
Website: https://pmccarthyart.com/