Treasures from the Attic and beyond

Sunday, the 18th, The Artists Group of Charlestown presented Treasures from the Attic, an appraisal day to raise money for the Group's Gallery on Medford Street. We were fortunate to get Mary Wescott from Kaminski Auction Galleries to do the appraisals. It turned out to be a very interesting day. Many of the people who brought items to be appraised stayed the whole time. Mary was very knowledgeable and very entertaining. One of the interesting items was a program from the Woodstock concert in Vermont. Mary was very taken by this as she had never seen one before. She really doubted that it was from the concert at first. They are very rare and hard to find due to all the rain and mud at the concert. Very few survived. She couldn't come up with a price but a search on the internet produced one of these programs for sale for $429.95! A good time was had by all and this event will probably be repeated next year.

written by Bette Task